Wrightsvillle Beach’s first loggerhead nest of the season hatched Wednesday, July 26. In the early-morning hours, 80 loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings emerged…

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How you can help

Leave only footprints when you visit the beach. Do not leave any trash, and fill in your holes. Litter presents choking and entanglement hazards for sea turtles, and holes create entrapments.

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Spotting a sick or injured turtle

You can tell a sea turtle is injured or hurt by its appearance. Sea turtles may have deep slashes in their face or carapace (top shell), indicating an injury from a boat strike. A healthy sea turtle has a smooth, glossy shell whereas a sick or injured sea turtle may be covered with barnacles and/or moss.

If you spot a sick or injured sea turtle, call us locally at 910 612 3047, or the statewide hotline at 252 241 7367

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